What Is Fentanyl Like?

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Matt:                     Today we wanted to talk about Fentanyl, and a little bit of our experience with Fentanyl. What it kind of feels like, some of the side effects that we noticed, and I’ll let Greg kick it off.

Greg:                     So, Fentanyl, I’m going to be honest with you. I don’t even know why Fentanyl is around-

Matt:                     In existence.

Greg:                     … I don’t know what the point of it is. Well, I guess for people, it’s meant for people who have extreme pain-

Matt:                     Chronic.

Greg:                     … because my experience with Fentanyl is I mostly did Fentanyl patches where you tear a thing off and put it on your arm. And for me, it was like, it was always so strong that it made me just feel sick. Within 20 minutes, I would start throwing up. I would just be dizzy. It was like, too much. And at the time, I had done heroin, I had done painkillers, I had done oxycodone, roxicets, percs … like I’d had a lot of experience with opiates and having opiates in my body, but the Fentanyl was just like, oh my god, like it just put me in a whole ‘nother world where I would feel good at times, but again it was too much. I was on the verge of being sick nonstop.

Matt:                     I don’t think I ever had a really great experience with it. Like I’ll say an enjoyable experience with it. Because for me, Fentanyl patches, you would get them and I don’t even remember exactly how big they were-

Greg:                     They were like this big.

Matt:                     … two by two or three by three maybe. And we would cut them up with scissors, and you would take, I don’t know, maybe an eighth of a strip or a quarter of a strip, and what I would do is put it on my tongue.

Greg:                     Oh yeah, that’s right. We did do that.

Matt:                     And apparently it’s supposed to be … hits you faster, or I don’t know. It was supposed to be stronger. And every single time I did it, like Greg said, one it kicked in it was so overwhelming that I felt nauseous. I couldn’t move without really feeling nauseous.

Matt:                     I remember one time I was in construction, and like 7:00 in the morning I cut a strip off and put it on my tongue. It was kind of getting my day started, and it … fuck, it sucks. Like it ruined my whole day. I could barely move without being sick. And everyone was like, “What the hell is wrong with you?” I thought it was going to be like a pill or some dope where a lot of times I would just feel good and I could function and be fine. With this, it just completely knocked me off the rails.

Greg:                     Yeah, so if like Fentanyl for those of you who don’t know, a lot of people who overdose actually it’s because of Fentanyl. They’ll cut heroin with Fentanyl and it’ll just be too strong, and that’s how a lot of overdoses happen. But they do have Fentanyl obviously by itself, and we’ve experienced mostly with patches where you put the patch on or you put it in your tongue or under your tongue, whatever we did. But Fentanyl is what’s responsible for a lot of overdoses, cutting the heroin with the Fentanyl. I believe it’s 100 times stronger than-

Matt:                     Yeah.

Greg:                     I believe it after doing it, because again, you get the same feeling. It feels a lot like being high. You’re still high, but it’s like, it’s so hard to explain because you feel everything, but it’s kind of almost not a good thing because then the sickness overcomes it.

Matt:                     Yes.

Greg:                     It’s so hard to … Like you still have that high feeling, but everything kind of sucks because you feel sick-

Matt:                     There’s an underlying feeling of nausea with everything you do-

Greg:                     Yeah, all the time.

Matt:                     And I don’t know, that might just be a dose issue, like if we took a lot less maybe, I don’t know. But it’s also, for as strong as it is, for such a small amount, I don’t know how you would … I guess you’re supposed to put it in, it’s like a slow release for the patches.

Greg:                     Yeah, we of course abused it to the max

Matt:                     Right, and to our detriment. But back to Greg’s point, when we first started thinking about quitting, I’m guessing, what was it, like 2006? Maybe somewhere around there. That’s when heroin was first starting to be cut with Fentanyl. Like it was a real scary thing for a while, because people were starting to overdose because of this Fentanyl at a really accelerated rate. And people would actually start kind of letting people know, like look out for these bags, look out for those bags because they have Fentanyl in them. And people were dropping left and right.

Matt:                     Now it seems like it’s even cut more and more. You hear a lot of news of Fentanyl busts and things like that, and it’s really … Once you start mixing that in with heroin and you’re shooting it especially, it’s really a roll of the dice whether you got Fentanyl in your bag or not.

Greg:                     You know what Fentanyl feels a lot like? I was kind of thinking as you were talking, it’s like almost like vertigo. I don’t know if you ever had vertigo, but it’s like you stand up and everything’s kind of dizzy and you feel nauseous. It’s like, oh my god-

Matt:                     I got to sit down.

Greg:                     … I got to like, sit down.

Matt:                     Yeah.

Greg:                     When you sit down, you’re like, shit, I’m still feeling kind of dizzy, nauseous, almost like freaking out a little bit. So if you’ve ever experienced vertigo, it’s kind of like that, but at the same time, you’re high. So it’s crazy, man. It was a crazy experience for me. I think we did it maybe five to 10 times before we were like, why do we even do this? We didn’t even like it. So I mean, it’s just extremely, extremely potent, extremely strong, the high feeling. But for us, maybe we did too much. A lot of nausea, kind of vertigo type feeling.

Matt:                     Yeah. Yeah, but either way, I would say it’s something to stay away from. It’s definitely not something to experiment with, again because of how powerful it is, it doesn’t take much to overdo it. And again, if you’re messing with anything and there’s a possibility that that’s been used as a cutting agent, you’re really kind of playing with fire there.

Greg:                     Yeah, definitely. So, hopefully that helps explain what Fentanyl feels like. Not fun. Obviously you don’t want to get into Fentanyl or anything like that. If you have any questions on any of our topics, let us know. We’ll cover them. Make sure you like, share, comment. We’ll see you all on the next video.

Matt:                     See you guys.

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