What Does Heroin Feel Like?

So What Exactly Does It Feel Like To Do Heroin?

Greg:                    What is going on everyone? It is Greg and Matt here from Project Unbroken. Make sure you hit that subscribe button. Today we’re going to be talking about what does heroin feel like? We have a lot of experience with heroin, and obviously I think people know that heroin would feel pretty good if you get stuck on it. I think when you first start using heroin it feels probably the greatest. It’s very exciting, very euphoric. I like to compare it to maybe like when you’re a kid and you wake up Christmas morning, and you’re all excited. Especially when you first start using, that’s how you feel every time before you use it. When you pick up your bag or whatever you get, it’s like Christmas morning. You’re like, “Yes”.

Matt:                    You know what’s coming.

When You First Get Heroin

Greg:                    So excited. Then you do it, and there’s two different kind of levels of experience I’ve had with it. One is when you kind of just sitting and relaxing, you have that body high. You feel happy and the body high. If you’ve ever had a really long day, tiring day, and you lay in bed, you just kind of lay there, you’re like, “Oh my God. This feels so good just laying here and relaxing.” That’s what it’s like. You know what I mean? Probably you multiply it even more. Of you can use it to go out and socialize. It just gets you very happy and motivated. It has that side to it as well.

Matt:                    Yeah. I think it’s just flooding your brain with dopamine, so whatever situation you’re in, heroin at first makes, whatever situation it is, it makes it better. What happens, I think, what happened to me and I think what happened to Greg is we started using heroin pills, heroin whatever, in social situations and then it was going out to bars or whatever. Then it was kind of hanging out watching TV. Then it kind of turned into doing it at work. Once you do it in one of those situations, you never want to do that thing without heroin again.

Greg:                    It’s funny because we would be like, “This would be a lot more fun if we did heroin.” This things started adding up. Well, “This would be a lot more fun if we just had some bags.”

Matt:                    Waking up.

Greg:                    Eventually it’s like, “Well, life is unmanageable without doing heroin.” That’s where you get your…

Matt:                    It kind of just slowly … It’s like that python grip. Everything you do, you’re like, “Well, maybe I’ll do this on heroin.” Tightens it up. Tightens it up. Sooner or later you’ll just realize your whole life is just unmanageable.

Heroin Is Exciting At First…

Greg:                    Yeah, but definitely when you first start using it, it’s very exciting. It’s almost fun. Very quickly it catches up and starts not being as much fun. Starts you have no money. You’re withdrawing more and more. You feel like shit more and more. It’s not as much fun or exciting over time.

Matt:                    No, it’s not. I mean, I remember one of the first times I realized that is I went … This was still when I was taking pills before heroin was introduced, and I was taking them, and I was 21, going out to bars a lot. That’s where all my friends were. We were hanging out, and I was usually had pills in me. One night we couldn’t get anything. I went to this bar. I was hanging out having a beer, just kind of relaxing, and I was like, “Oh, I feel off.” It was really weird. It was like I was kind of a little bit like very minor withdrawal symptoms, but I was like, “What is this?” I went and got-

Greg:                    It’s up here. It’s up here. You’re just like, “Ugh.”

Matt:                    Yeah.

Greg:                    You’re nothing.

First Sign Of Heroin Withdrawal

Matt:                    You’re irritable. I went and got pills. Right then that should’ve been like, “Get the fuck away from this now,” but I just dug in deeper and deeper.

Greg:                    I think, a lot of people, they kind of imagine what heroin feels like, and they see the person passed out in the street with the needle in their arm like … I can kind of get that type of euphoric feeling where you’re laying down and you just feel really good, but it’s not always that. It’s sometimes if you’re up and moving it gets you talking. It gets you happy. You’re just very, very happy, in a good mood, motivated. I started my first business when I was doing heroin. I would take it, and I’d get in a really good mood. I’d be like, “Oh, I’m going to work toward my business.” Of course, it eventually crumbled in my addiction, but it’s not always just laying there feeling good. It can also have you up feeling happy and motivated, talkative.

Matt:                    We should actually probably put a link to the video where we talk about signs to look out for of maybe a loved one abusing drugs. A lot of times it’s not that kind of nodded out, passed out, on the couch with a needle in your arm look. It’s you’re up and happy and motivated. If you have a loved one acting like that, you’re like, “Ah, they’re doing all right.” Meanwhile, they’re just flooding or their body with heroin to keep up that feeling good or just not feeling terrible. The good times don’t last very long. You ride that wave for a little bit, and next thing you know, you don’t have it, and everything goes to shit. That’s where the cycle kind of catches up with you.

Summing Up What Heroin Feels Like…

Greg:                    Definitely. Definitely a very euphoric feeling, whether you’re up moving or down. It’s just very euphoric. I think that’s all I got on it.

Matt:                    Yeah. I think so. If you guys have any questions or topics about stuff like this that you would like to get our opinion on, leave us a comment, hit us up on the contact section on our website projectunbroken.com, and we look forward to talking to you guys soon.

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