The Pros Of Rehab

Greg: What’s going on everyone, it’s Matt and Greg here and today we’re gonna be talking about what we think are the pros of rehab okay. We also have a video about the cons of rehab, we’ll link to that below but today we’re talking about the pros of rehab. So Matt you want to start it off?

Matt: I think the first pro is, it gets you out of your daily routine. I know when Greg and I were in our heroin addiction, we pretty much had the same thing going on every single day, and while we were functional it was, get up, do heroin, go to work, do heroin, go to lunch, find heroin and it was just the same thing over and over again. It’s really hard to break that cycle. So number one for us is getting out of that daily routine.

Greg: Number two kind of goes with it but it’s getting away from bad influences. So you know when me and Matt were using together, one of us would want to quit, the other wouldn’t and the other person would drag the other person in. We keep dragging each other back, dragging each other back and we kept dragging each other back into addiction. So it really gets you away from people who are using, it gets you away from the bad influences.

Matt: Number three is the availability of counseling, which was huge for me in my inpatient rehab. I didn’t have the best experience but that was the one positive I could take away, is there was somebody there who kind of cut through all of the BS and understand a little bit of the background of why I was using in the first place, which helped me kind of have things to look for, red flags in myself or behaviors that I was doing where I could be like, hey this kind of what you talked about with your counselor, you should look out, try to really work on staying clean right now.

Greg: Number four is accountability. So when you go to rehab, it’s in the open. Most people know, at least those that are close to you know you went to rehab so when you get out they know what’s up. They taking a closer eye on you. So the accountability really comes into play where you’re putting yourself out there, you’re in rehab, the people know you have a problem. They gonna hold you accountable.

Matt: The next one is also … rehab offers you a good chance to run into some positive people. People who are also trying to get clean, people can relate the struggles that you’re going through and try and keep you on the right path. A lot of times it helps to have somebody that’s in a similar situation, where you can kind of go back and forth and say, I’m dealing with this and this has been helping me. You know you guys can help each other out a little bit.

Greg: And number six is a stress free environment. So a lot of times when you’re using drugs you’re in an environment that is totally stressful. All you’re worrying about is using drugs and if you’re gonna get caught and how you’re gonna do it and withdrawal. It just puts you in a place where you kind of … your responsibilities, you don’t have to worry about anything, you’re away from everything for a month or whatever the case is. So it puts you in a stress free environment.

Matt: And the last one is, you have a good chance to learn some tips for staying sober. So we talked a lot about our mindset maintenance, ways to keep your mind clean and positive, moving in the right direction. If you kind of go down that negative path, it could be really difficult but there’s meditation, they do all sorts of stuff to get your mind away from using drugs. It’s just a lot easier to stay sober, if you kind of have some of those tricks up your sleeve.

Greg: Yeah, so those are some of the pros that we see in rehab. If you have anymore to add, comment below, subscribe and we’ll see you on the next video. If you want to see the cons, we’ll put that link below as well. Have a good one everyone.

Matt: See you guys.

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