The Cons Of Rehab

Matt: What’s up, everybody? This is Matt and Greg. Today, we’re talking about the cons of rehabilitation. I’m going to let Greg start it off with number one.

Greg: Yes, number one con for rehab is the money grab rehabs. It’s very well known, at least in the addiction community with addicts that there’s a lot of bullshit rehabs out there, especially in opiate treatment where the rehab suck. They’re looking to get your money, get you through the program and get you out. That’s the number one biggest con is there’s a lot of really bad rehabs out there. If you’re going to go to rehab, please make sure you do your research and find the right rehab, find a good rehab that really cares about your treatment.

Matt: The number two biggest con that we found are that rehabs a lot of times are pushing agendas that not everybody in there might be on board with. We talked before about God and addiction. A lot of rehabs push that and make it really difficult to get over that hump for people who many not believe in God or they have a different belief system or whatever it is. But different rehabilitation centers can have different ideas or agendas that they’re trying to push that make it difficult to focus on your recovery.

Greg: Yes. Number three is bad influences. We did a video on the goods of rehab which you can check out below. Just like there can be good influences in rehab, there could be really bad influences. There’s people who are there because they have to be there. There’s people who are because they’re forced to by family or the police or whatever the case is, by the law. There’s definitely going to be people there that don’t want to be there that could drag you down so you got to be careful of that.

Matt: The next one is money. It’s not cheap. Rehab is not cheap.

Greg: No.

Matt: Especially if you don’t have an insurance or if the rehab that you’re looking at might be a great rehab but they don’t accept your insurance or whatever the case may be. A lot of times when an addict looks at the price of that and they see everything else that is going on in their life with their family or kids and buying groceries, rehab can be last on the list as crazy as it may sound. But a lot of times that will have addicts try to fix the problem on their own which a lot of times does not end well.

Greg: Number five is the belief that rehab is a quick fix. I don’t know why but I always thought … Before my addiction, I always looked at … Before I knew about drug addiction and just being in addiction, I always looked at rehab as like a fix. Well, if someone is addicted, they just go to rehab and they’re fixed. After talking to other addicts, they actually thought similar things like you just go to rehab, yeah, your addiction is all good. Thinking that you’re just going to go to rehab, just get it over like that is a really big con because you get reality when you get to rehab. Rehab is just a starting point. You get out and then the hard work really starts. Thinking rehab is a quick fix is definitely a big con. Be careful of that.

Matt: The last one is a rehabilitation center can be a place for people to prey on those who are trying to find recovery. I remember when I was in my rehab space, rehabilitation center that I went to, it had a lot of the problems. It was not a great rehabilitation center to begin with. It had all the issues that we just listed and there were people in there that had drugs. They were pushing drugs so it was really a dangerous spot to be in because they know that people there, it’s not going to take much of a push for them to start using again. In general, it’s just one of those places you have to really watch out for people who are there to make a buck or are there to drag you down just to get some money in their pocket.

Greg: When I went to outpatient rehab, I actually left rehab with two more connects than I went in with. Rehab can definitely be a con in that way. All right. I hope you all enjoyed this video. Remember the good things of rehab are below. Compare both these videos before you choose a rehab so you make sure you get it right. If you go to rehab, you can get it right. Do you have anything else to add, Matt?

Matt: No, that will do it.

Greg: All right. Cool. See you all soon. Share, subscribe and I will talk to you all later.

Matt: See you guys.

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