How To Properly Do An Air Squat

Matt:                     What’s up, guys? Matt here with Project Unbroken with another technique video. Today we’re going to be going over the air squat. The air squat is an awesome movement that you guys can do anywhere to start building a little bit of strength in your legs and in your core. The air squat, just to demonstrate, my feet are going to be underneath my hips. My chest is going to be nice and tall. I’m going to send my hips or my butt back to the wall behind me and squat down as low as I can, but keeping my belly tight. Alright? Sending my hips back, arms up, and then back down.

Matt:                     A couple things to keep in mind. Feet are underneath the hips. I want my knees to track out over my toes, so I want you to actively push your knees out to the side over your toes and then stand back up. Alright? I put my hands up so I can keep my torso nice and vertical, alright? That’s going to allow me to keep my core tight and send my hips back behind me. That’s going to turn on those big muscles in the back, the hamstrings and the glutes, instead of just your quads. Alright?

Matt:                     Do your best. Keep your weight back in your heels and again, hips go back to the wall behind you. Chest nice and tall, squat as low as you can, and then stand it right back up. Again, the air squat is an awesome exercise to utilize at home when you’re starting to build a little bit of strength to try to get back into shape. This one’s really great to pair with pushups, sit ups, stuff you can do right in your living room, to start feeling better in no time.

Matt:                     If you guys have any questions about the air squat or any other exercise that I can help you with, leave a comment or hit us up on our website at and I’d be happy to help you. Take care.


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