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What’s going on everyone? It’s Greg here from Project Unbroken. And I’m getting a whole lot of questions in. People asking me specifically, how do I make money online? Some of them are specific questions and what I want to do is put a video out there explaining different ways that are there to make money online or different ways that people make money online. So more general video, just explaining how people do it first and different ways they do it, Then if I get a big enough response then I’ll start going into specific questions on specific topics of making money online.

But the point of this video, is to help you understand the real ways that people make money online. Now, there’s a lot of bullshit out there, where people will try to sell you that making money online is simple or there’s some simple formula or some simple way to make money online. It’s bullshit. There’s no simple way to do it. And that’s what you don’t want to hear. A lot of people want it to be easy, but it’s not easy. It takes a lot of work, so that’s number one.

Number two is, and I get specific questions on how do I make money online? It’s kind of like a general question, but it depends. It really depends on your situation and by the time I’m gone with this video you’ll understand what I’m talking about. So, now I’ve made money all different ways online. I’ve made money as an affiliate. I’ve made money selling services. I’ve made money with consulting. So I’m made money just about every different way.

I’ve made money with free traffic, with paid traffic and a lot of you probably, what the hell are you talking about right now? I’m going to go into it okay? Again, the point of this video is very general, just to explain how the money-making process works and different ways that people make money online. Then again, if I get a big enough response, I’ll start going into these topics and kind of explaining more about it.

So let’s go into the different ways to make money online. Let’s start with a common one I get, I have my own business, how do I get more customers? So if you have your own business, basically what you’re going to want to do, is you’re going to want to get a website and they you’re going to want to start getting traffic to that website for specific keywords. What I mean by that, if someone goes to Google and searches Delaware plumber or whatever, or plumbers in Delaware, you want them to find your business.

So that’s one way to do it, is to increase your traffic through your current business you have. You can do that through paid traffic, which is where you pay each time someone clicks on an ad or anything like that. You’re basically for paid traffic, it’s immediate. It’s right away. And you pay per click, per lead, whatever the case is and you get the traffic right away. Or you can go with free traffic where you do stuff like search engine optimization and that is getting your website to appear high in Google when people search for certain terms like Delaware plumber or whatever the case is.

It’s a big part of what I do. It’s one of my specialties. It’s probably my main specialty is SEO. And you can get more people to your website doing that. That’s in a sense, free. It can cost a little money here and there, but in a sense it’s free traffic. So each time someone clicks on your link in the search engines, it’s free. But that’s one way to make money online if you have your own business already.

You create a website. You start getting more traffic to that website, whether it’s free or paid, whatever the case is and then you start getting more customers and you start making more money. Another way to make money online, which I’ve done millions with, is affiliate marketing. So I’ve done millions of hours in many different niches. Two of my main niches were, I sold a lot of gold and silver, sold millions of dollars in gold and silver.

I sold millions of dollars in e-cigarettes. Probably my favorite niche, because I really believe in e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes help me stop smoking so it’s something that I really feel confident selling, so I love selling e-cigarettes. Now the way affiliating market works is, again you put up a website and in the e-cigarette niche for example I would say, here’s my top three brand of electronic cigarettes that I like the best.

And I’d always order different e-cigarettes and try them and review them. And then in that review, I’ll have a link where, if they like the review, if they like what I’m saying about the product, they can go buy the product. But what happens with affiliate marketing is, you sign up as an affiliate of specific products. So for example, two of the main companies that I’ve sold e-cigarettes for are called V2 Electronic Cigarettes and Vapor King, two very big electronic cigarette companies. So I’ll go to that company’s website, sign up for their affiliate program and then they give me a special link.

I’ll put that link in my website so when someone clicks buy this product now, it takes them from my website, to the consumer’s website and then it puts a special tracking code on there, so anything that person buys, since I sent them, I get a percentage. So, that’s called affiliate marketing where you’re selling someone else’s product. So what’s cool about making money online, is you don’t even have to have your own product. You can sell other people’s product and make money that way. Affiliate marketing is probably one of my favorite things.

Also, I’ve sold services. So, I’ve made millions selling SEO services, where I do SEO for people and they pay me a fee. I don’t do that as much anymore unless it’s a higher end client like lawyers or corporate companies, nationwide places, it just not worth it for either side. But you can do things like sell services to people and it doesn’t have to be SEO. It can be web design. It can be writing. It can be graphic design. It can be videos, anything you want to do, photography, anything you want to sell, you can definitely sell services online. That’s another big way to make money online.

A third thing is consulting. I made a lot of money with consulting. That’s one of my main companies. We sell consulting on how to build online business and then how to do SEO and just everything along those lines. So you can also do consulting online. It doesn’t have to be business consulting. It can be health consulting. You can sell health services. So you set up a health website and you teach people how to get in better shape and you can sell people a package on here’s how to get in better shape.

You just put together a program, you sell it to them or you provide coaching. You can do webinars and just do online consulting type stuff. And then you also sell your own products, which is kind of like the same thing. You can package all that type information in a membership site. You can package it in an e-book or a video members area or anything like that. Then you can sell access to that.

So it’s another way to make money online. Some people make money through YouTube blogging. So people will create YouTube accounts, start putting out videos, start putting out content and then they get paid for advertising. So when you see … We don’t do advertising on Project Unbroken but, at least not at this point, but when you see ads come up on YouTube videos, a lot of times that YouTuber will make money for the ads in some way or another. That’s another way of doing it.

Or if you have a website, the same types of things. If you see ads on websites and people are clicking on those ads, you can get paid for that as well. But that’s all different ways to make money online. What I want you to steer away from is anything that’s simple. It was more common back when I started back in ’05, ’06, you know, 12, 13 years ago, where they would try to sell programs like data entry. You can make $50 an hour just typing. Or you can make $30 an hour just filling out surveys. Shit like that doesn’t work.

It may make you pennies, or pennies on the dollar. It’s not worth it though. So my big advice for you, is don’t look for simple. Understand that building an online business, whatever direction you’re going to go is going to take a good amount of work. But those are all different directions you can take. It doesn’t matter if you have your own business already. You can expand your own business you have already. You can build a new business.

You can start blogging. If you start a blog, you can do affiliate marketing through your blog. So for example, if I set up a health blog and I’m putting out a whole bunch of health information and I say, this is the specific brand of BCAAs that I use. If you want to buy them as well, just check them out here. Well guess what? Anyone who checks them out and ends up buying them, you’ll get a commission from that. So you can make money from that, for stuff like blogging and just throwing in affiliate links.

But that’s how making money online works. It takes a lot of time and effort and I want people to know that if you’re interested in building an online business, you’ve got to be prepared to put the work in. Don’t look for the easy route because there is no easy route. That’s just a general overview of how making money online works.

It’s kind of like the general ways that people make money online, the different ways. If you have any questions on this, let me know. I can always expand further. I know this was very, kind of broad but I just want you to get the overview of how making money online works and the different ways there is to do it. Again, if I get enough feedback, I’ll go deeper into this topic. I hope you all enjoyed this video and I’ll see you all again soon. Make sure you subscribe.

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