God And Addiction

Greg:                    What’s up, everyone? It’s Greg and Matt here from Project Unbroken. Make sure you subscribe below. Today, we’re going to be talking about a big topic in recovery, which is God and addiction. So, Matt, what do you think about this?

Matt:                    It’s- it depends. Everybody has a different experience, I think, with religion, God, and addiction. I know a lot of times in recovery programs or rehabilitation centers, God is a big topic of discussion, and it can really throw a lot of people who might be new to recovery, and new to religion- or if that’s not a part of their day-to-day life- it can throw a little bit of a hiccup in the process of recovery.

Greg:                    Yeah.

Matt:                    My thoughts are that God or religion is not necessary to find recovery. If you have that as part of your belief system already and you find that it’s going to be helpful in you finding recovery, by all means, go ahead and take that route. But, Greg and I did not use religion or God in our path to recovery. And we were able to accomplish what we set out to do. My opinion, basically, is if you don’t believe in God or if you don’t- if your spiritual or religious beliefs don’t line up with the recovery program that you’re in, don’t feel that it’s 100% necessary for you to embrace that in order for you to find recovery.

Greg:                    Yeah, that’s one of the reasons I really wanted to do this video, is because a lot of addicts will come to Matt and I and they’ll say, “I just couldn’t do the God thing. I went to rehab and I just couldn’t get through it.” Well, we want people to know that you don’t need that. If it’s something you believe in and you believe God’s going to help you through your addiction and you put your recovery in the hands of God, or whatever the case is, great. That’s awesome. If that’s going to help you get through your recovery and get sober, use it.

But for the people who don’t believe in that, who maybe go to a rehab and they feel like they’re being pushed, they’re already trying to get out of their addiction. We’re already struggling and then somebody’s trying to push their beliefs on us, for those people, you don’t need it. You can just kind of- Matt and I have talked about this. He’s like, “When I went to rehab, I just kind of hopped over it. I didn’t look at it as- I didn’t use it as an excuse to go back to using. Just kind of laugh it off, that’s not my thing, and move forward.” Okay?

Neither of used it. You don’t need it to get sober. You absolutely don’t.

Matt:                    No, it’s definitely not a necessary part of your recovery. And to Greg’s point, if it’s something that you think is going to help you out and you can kind of use it as a part of your support system or plan, blueprint for recovery, go ahead, throw it in there. But if it’s not, don’t let it stop you from making progress. Like I explained to Greg when I was going through that whole situation, and the topic of religion and God came up, I just kind of went around it. A lot of people talk about the phrase, “Work the program, don’t let the program work you.” That’s what it is.

Take what you need, leave what you don’t. But just make sure you’re not using a difference of opinion with religion or God as an excuse to not move forward with your recovery. You don’t want it to stop your progress you just have to go around it, above it, whatever.

Greg:                    And what’s crazy with addiction, it seems like people are really one way or the other. It’s either like, “I’m putting my recovery in the hands of God” or “Not for me.” For either of us, I don’t think it was for us. We believe more, we gotta take out recovery in our own hands. But again, if you use God and you put your recovery in the hands of God and that’s what helps you get through, that’s awesome.

But we just have so many addicts that come to us, and they say, “I can’t do the whole God thing. I couldn’t it. I couldn’t get through it.” You don’t need it. Just kind of jump that hurdle, do your thing with that and then follow the rest of the program and you’ll do a lot better, but you don’t need it.

Matt:                    No, you don’t need it. And for anybody out there, whether you’re going to use God and religion as a part of your recover or not, you have to remember to really focus on personal accountability. I think we see a lot of times- Greg kind of reminded me, when people say, “Well, it’s in God’s hands now.” You can use that as a part of your recovery system, but you have to make sure that you know it’s in your hands, you’re the one making these decisions, you have to be smart. You can’t kind of throw that personal accountability onto your personal beliefs.

Greg:                    Yeah, I do wish some of the rehabs would kind of respect more addicts’, or just people’s beliefs. I think some rehabs definitely force it on people, not all of ’em obviously. But there’s definitely certain rehabs where I know they really push religion on people. It can turn people in the wrong direction, so I wish some rehabs would take a look at that. But again, if you believe in it, even though it’s not my belief, I respect it totally. Whatever gets you through is cool with me. But if you don’t- again, there’s so many people that come to us, we just want you to know that you’re good, you can go that direction and get through it just fine.

Matt:                    That’s right. I think that about covers it for God, religion, recovery. If you guys have anything further to say on the topic, leave us a comment. Or if you have any questions, let us know. Hit us up on the contact section at our website, www.projectunbroken.com, and we will be seeing you guys soon.

Greg:                    See you, everyone.


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