Getting Aggressive When You Child Won’t Quit Using Drugs Or Alcohol

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Recently we did a video on “Are you enabling an addict?” and people actually came to us, multiple people, and they asked specifically, “What would you do if your son or daughter was addicted?”

I know for me, starting I would do exactly what I said in that video where I make things harder and harder and harder on them until hopefully the addiction was hard enough that they wanted to quit

But I think people were asking us more like if it got to that point where they still didn’t quit, what would do from there? So now I’ll pass it to you to kind of start it off.

Matt:                    Yeah. I think maybe we didn’t make it clear enough about how we would make it hard. For me … My daughter’s young right now, but if she was a teenager or whatever and found herself in these situations where I found out she was in a situation like this, I would be on her shit, like, real hard. I would absolutely follow her to see if you she was meeting up with some way to get drugs, and I would confront the whole situation very, very head-on, very aggressively.

I don’t want to get too graphic with it but there would more than likely be some physical violence going on. 100% percent, if somebody is selling my kid heroin they’re getting their fucking ass beat-

Greg:                    At the very least.

Matt:                    Yeah.

And maybe this is 15, 20 down the road that this is even a real scenario. Maybe I’d have the wherewithal to try to get the police involved or something.

But I would be very aggressive in shutting that down immediately and letting her know this is going to continue until I’m completely comfortable with you not using.

Greg:                    Yeah, and there’s definitely people out there who don’t agree with physical violence and all that. But I don’t think you have to use that. Follow them around, see who you’re getting their drugs from, call the cops, and get that dealer in trouble. Constantly stay on them. Like Matt said, follow them around. Fuck up their life, like, for real. Fuck up their whole shit. I’m talking about your kid’s life, because that’s their life right now and you need to totally disturb it.

Matt:                    If they were driving around with a friend who was going to the same place I’m calling their friend’s parents. Everybody’s going to know exactly what’s going on. “So-and-so, my daughter, and your kid, whatever, went and they were trying to get heroin.” Everybody’s getting thrown under the bus. Everybody.

Greg:                    Yeah, definitely. You have to do what you have to do. And I’m just kind of imagining myself in that situation, like Matt said, for me it’d be hard not to add physical violence in the picture.

But I wouldn’t want to go there and I would definitely start with the cops and following them around just totally disturbing their life. And eventually if I had to I’d probably take it to the next step, because I think when it comes to your kid you got to do whatever it is you need to do to get them on the right path.

Even for me, honestly, if it meant seeing them getting drugs and then calling the cops on them.

Matt:                    Done, yeah.

Greg:                    It’s better that they’re in jail than on the street using heroin where they can die.

Matt:                    Lesson learned.

Greg:                    I don’t think you need to start there. I think you need to start where we first talked about just kind of cutting things out of their life, helping them, and you’re cutting out money and things like that to make it harder on them.

But when it gets to that point where they just won’t quit I think you got to jump in there and get aggressive with it.

Matt:                    Yeah, even if I think there’s heroin use going on, I’m immediately … I’m following them, seeing what’s going on.

But either way, you have to be very proactive, very aggressive. Again, you let this go for too long it’s going to turn into a worse issue. If you smell anything fishy, get after it immediately.

Greg:                    Yeah, if you’re a dealer and you’re selling me kid I might just fuck you up.

Matt:                    Yeah, you’re fucking catching it.

Greg:                    But, yeah, little bit a joke but not really there.

But seriously you have to get aggressive and you have to … If they’re just not quitting after you get rid of things and you’re making it difficult, and it’s difficult and they’re not quitting, you got to get really aggressive, I think.

Matt:                    Yeah.

I think we wanted to go into a little bit more into detail to answer some of those questions. If you guys have any more to add to the discussion, leave us a comment, hit us up on the contact section at our website,, and we will be talking to you soon.

Greg:                    All right. See you, everyone.


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