Completely Beginner Friendly Workout #2

Matt:                     What’s up, everybody. This is Matt and Greg with Project Unbroken, and today we have another workout of the day for you. Two new movements. We’re going to be over the lunges and the mountain climber. What we’re doing today is a little bit different. We’re going to do five rounds of these two movements. Greg’s going to demonstrate for us. We’re going to do the lunge. You guys are going to start with your feet together, and you’ll see Greg’s going to step his foot back so he’s touching his knee to the ground and then stepping right back into that starting position. Now he’s going to do the other leg. Good. He’s going to do 10 total, and you’re alternating sides, so just five each side.

Matt:                     Try to step back. Keep your core tight on these, belly tight.

Greg:                     If people want to speed it up, they can do jumping, right?

Matt:                     Yup, definitely an option. Next movement is going to be mountain climbers. Greg’s going to do 20 of these. That’s going to be basically 10 each leg. I’ll show you what it’s going to look like. He’s going to come down to a pushup position, bringing one foot up, and then he’s switching bringing the other foot up. You guys can speed these up, too, a little bit, move through them a little quicker when you feel comfortable with adding that intensity to the mix. Again, we’re going to do five rounds of 10 lunges and then 20 mountain climbers. If you guys think that’s a little bit too easy, or you get there and you’re not really feeling a good sweat, try to double it up.

Matt:                     We’re going to try to double it to 10 rounds. I would keep the lunges and the mountain climbers the same, but we’ll keep moving through a couple more rounds of that. Leave us a comment. Let us know how you guys do with this. We’re going to keep these workouts coming and get you guys in shape. If you have any questions, let us know, and don’t forget to let us know how you do. Hit subscribe- [crosstalk 00:01:46]

Greg:                     Leave a comment below, let us know if you did five or 10 rounds in your time, all right?

Matt:                     See you guys.


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