Can I Have A Beer While On Suboxone Maintenance Program?

Matt:                    What’s up everybody, this is Matt and Greg with Project Unbroken. Do us a favor and hit the subscribe button down below and feel free to share this video with anybody that you think it might help out. Greg and I are talking a lot about our experiences with drug abuse and recovery and trying to get the word out there. So, today we had a question sent in and it was from Maria and she said, am I able to have a beer? I am only on two milligrams of Suboxone and I miss sharing things with my husband. I guess she’s meaning experiences or …

Greg:                    Yeah.

My advice is … what was her name?

Matt:                    Maria.

Greg:                    Maria, would … to not drink any beers at this point. You know, I’m at a point where I can drink a beer, I typically don’t. Alcohol was never a problem for me but even if it’s not a problem for you or it was never a problem for you, I personally do not think that’s a good idea when you’re still on the maintenance drug. I think you need to focus on living life without any type of aid, even if it is alcohol. Remember, it’s very socially accepted but that makes it kind of tricky because it’s more dangerous than you think, than the public makes you think. And that’s where I would start is I wouldn’t … I wouldn’t even try it.

Matt:                    What worries me about the situation is the fact that her husband’s drinking beers. I don’t know. That’s tough for me to wrap my head around. I mean, I see … if your loved one’s trying to get through a tough time like this or recover drug addiction or whatever, I think your partner should have the wherewithal to maybe avoid drinking in front of you. That’s not a good …

Greg:                    That’s a good point. My fiance is in … went to rehab for alcohol, she’s actually nine months clean today and I haven’t touched a beer … I had one beer since … when she was in rehab I went on a trip and I had one beer when I went on that trip but other than that I haven’t drank it all. And it’s just out of respect for her and partly and because I just don’t … I don’t really need it. You know, I can live life without that type of stuff. I find my fill in stuff like exercise and things like that. So, you don’t need alcohol to have a good time, trust me. You know, I like life better, really, where I’m not drinking, where I’m not using different stuff. So, start trying to live without aid of anything. You know, it could be … find your … you know, we talk about replacement a lot, find a replacement, like exercise or knitting or volleyball or some type of activity that you enjoy. You don’t need substances in your life to feel normal.

Matt:                    Yeah, that’s probably the first place to start. You shouldn’t want to go to any substance, I mean, I know everybody … and to Greg’s point, society kinda has us looking at alcohol it’s like, kick back, have a beer and relax but that leads down a pretty dark path, it’s just another substance that you can abuse and that would probably cause you to … it’ll raise the risk of you making a poor decision and keeping you on the right path. You just have to keep making positive steps in the right direction and a beer is not the end of the world, necessarily, but it’s a risk factor that you don’t need at this point in your recovery.

Greg:                    Definitely. Yeah, so I mean, definitely because you’re in … on a maintenance program, or even for anyone, I think a good idea is just try to not drink for a while. Just try nothing for a while, see how you do. Try to fill with other positive things. I think that’s just a great way to start, whether you’re an addict or not.

Matt:                    Yeah, I mean a big reason that a lot of people abuse any sort of substances is because they don’t want to be in their own mind. And you have to get used to that. I mean you can’t always be looking for an escape from where you’re at. Just sit with your thoughts, find an activity that you enjoy, something like that. It’ll make the process a lot easier than drinking a beer.

Greg:                    Definitely in your circumstances I would highly recommend against that. All right.

Matt:                    Yeah, thank you for the question. Guys, if anybody else out there has any questions and you would like some advice or input, please leave a comment, hit us up in the contact section on our website, Project Unbroken dot com and we look forward to talking to you soon.

Greg:                    See y’all.


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