3 Reasons I’m Thankful For Being A Heroin Addict


Hey, everyone. It’s Greg here from Project Unbroken. Today, I’m going to be giving you three reason why I’m glad I was a heroin addict. Little bit of a weird thing to state, I know that. But it’s true. There’s three things that I can get off the top of my head that I’m very thankful for that I got out of my heroin addiction.

Those three things are number one that instant gratification usually does not pay off.

Number two is that tough times really do make you stronger. I’ve learned a lot from that.

Number three is that as an addict, I actually have a superpower. If you’re an addict as well, all of us are addicts, but the more addictive personality you have, the more of a superpower you actually have that you can take advantage of.

Let’s go to number one which is that instant gratification usually does not pay off for long-term benefits. So you can use this in any area of your life. We’ll start with my heroin addiction. So I would do the heroin. I would feel good instantly. I’d feel great. I’d feel awesome, incredible, the best you can feel. But I would feel like that for an hour or two. Then the whole rest of my life is fucked up, right? Like I don’t have money. I’m ruining relationships. I’m lying to people. I’m hurting my loved ones. I’m not going anywhere in life. I’m going backwards and backwards and backwards. Yeah, I’ll use for an hour and go way up, but then I’m all the way down when I come down.

So I’m feeling good for an hour or two to fuck up the whole rest of my life. That goes in anything in life. If you’re trying to get in shape, when you get up in the morning, your alarm goes off 5 AM, man, it would really feel good to stay in bed right now. That’s instant gratification. What would feel good right now is staying in bed. But what’s going to help you long-term is getting your ass up out of bed, getting the gym and getting on that positive path to a healthy lifestyle so you can feel good all throughout the day.

If you keep sleeping in and you keep giving into that instant gratification, you’re going to keep being unhealthy, which causes depression rates to go up and anxiety, and just feeling sluggish, and things like that. If you just give up that instant gratification, get your ass out of bed, get to the gym, putting the work, then it’s going to really help you long-term, right?

Same thing for business, I use the same thing for business. When I was building my business, yeah, plenty of times where I was just really want to watch my show right now. Ugh, I just really just want to go out right now, go out with some friends and just hang out and relax. But I gave up those things so I could start building my business, so I could have financial success I have today to not have to worry about the problems that not having money causes. All right.

So that’s number one. It taught me that instant gratification does not pay off. Of course you want to find a balance. Sometimes you want to give in to instant gratification but you have to know that many times, instant gratification is going to hurt you long-term. So just be aware of that.

Number two is it taught me that going through tough times really makes you stronger. That’s a commonly known thing that tough times make you stronger. But I think when you realize that and a tough time comes up, you can more focus on, “Okay. This is going to make me stronger.”

Instead of walloping in your sorrows and feeling bad for yourself, and getting down, I focused on the positive side. And something tough comes up, and I look at it as a challenge. I know that in the end, this is going to make me stronger. This is going to make me a better person. This is going to improve my life in the end. So it really makes that tough situation a lot more difficult.

Not to even bring up that I compare a lot of things to my heroin addiction which is a really tough time. So when normal tough times comes up, I’m like, “This is nothing. I went through heroin addiction.” So it really taught me those two different things with tough times that it helped me kind of compare it to my tough times in heroin addiction also helped me realize that if I’m in a tough time, that it’s just going to make me stronger. So it helps me look at those tough times differently, all right.

The last thing it taught me is that being an addict, I have a superpower. Maybe that’s the weirdest one of all. But I use my addictive personality for positive things now. So go back to health and business, I get addicted to getting in shape. When I came into the gym and I saw all my current friends in shape, and I’m 30 pounds heavier than I am now, I have a gut, worst I’ve ever looked. I look at them, I’m like, “Man, I want that.” Right? As an addict, guess what? When I want something, I fucking go after it, and nonstop I go after it.

So use the same addictive personality you have maybe for drugs or whatever it is, sex or whatever your addiction is. Use it for something positive. You have the ability to do that, as a quote-unquote “Addict” and you can turn that into positive things. All right? So those are three reasons why I’m actually glad that I was a heroin addict. I’m glad I went through that because it taught me those three things which has really helped me. All right?

I hope you all enjoyed this video. Comment below, let me know what you think. Subscribe and I’ll see you all soon.


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