What Does Xanax Feel Like?

What Does It Feel Like To Do Xanax & Other Benzos?

Matt:                    What’s up everybody? This is Matt and Greg with Project Unbroken. Do us a favor and click that subscribe button and please share this video. We’re trying to get the word out about Project Unbroken and the experience Greg and I had with drug addiction. But today, we’re gonna talk a little bit about what do Xanax feel like or benzos.

Greg:                    Yeah, benzos.

Matt:                    In general.

Greg:                    Xanax, Valium, stuff like that. Mainly Xanax, we’ll talk about today. We’ve had a lot of experience with Xanax.

Matt:                    I don’t remember any of it.

Greg:                    It’s common.

Matt:                    They’re one of the scariest drugs. That’s one of the scariest drugs.

Normal Xanax Prescription

Greg:                    I mean, typically, when they’re prescribed, it’s supposed to be the normal recommendation is .25 to .5 milligrams but then they have these bars that come in 2 milligrams, which we used to call them, “Do you want to get some bars?” When we used to do drugs back in the day you’d be like, “Let’s go out and get some bars.” And we’d do Xannies, we’d drink, we’d smoke. You put it all together it’s a fucking train wreck.

Matt:                    It’s a terrible combination. Them and anything. Them by themselves are bad.

Greg:                    What can remember feeling like on Xanax?

What Matt Felt On Xanax

Matt:                    There were two distinct situations I would find myself in with Xanax. One, is taking them alone just a Xanax without any weed, I don’t think I ever really did too much heroin and Xanax because that’s a lethal combination.

Greg:                    I don’t think we did either. I don’t remember doing that. I think we did try it a few times. I remember it does intensify it a good bit but it was never something we got into on a constant basis.

Matt:                    We weren’t wasting our money on Xanax at that point. Xanax by itself kind of it’s almost like being drunk a little bit. It’s just you’re kind of like a zombie. There’s not much going on. I feel like every hour I’d be like, “What have I been doing? What am I doing right now?” It’s just a reset. The second experience is combined with alcohol or weed pretty much and that is at least for me personally there’s three or four distinct situations. A, it was insane. One time I literally, I woke up in West Virginia with one of our buddies.

Greg:                    Yeah, I remember that.

Matt:                    And that was not fun.

Crazy Xanax Story

Greg:                    I was thinking it was a night that I was with you and so we went to a party in Newark, it’s a college campus and you almost got, you tried to pick a fight with the biggest guy there. This dude was probably six two, 300 pounds. He had 20 of his friends with him. It was me, Matt and one other friend. You were trying to fight this dude and he was just kind of laughing at and I went up to him and I was like, “Look man,” I was like, “my buddy is tore up. I understand if you got to fight, I’m going to jump in there. I’d appreciate you just kind of give him a pass tonight.” He like, “You’re good man.” I was like, “Thank God.” It was 20 big rough dudes and three of us. I had to do, I had to stand up for you.

Matt:                    I probably would have gotten killed.

Greg:                    The next morning I remember Matt woke up in a car and he called me he’s like, “What the fuck happened last night?”

Matt:                    I have no recollection.

Greg:                    And I think that’s really a good description of Xanax does to you. When you take too much, especially when you drink on it, just like whirlwind, you don’t remember anything.

Matt:                    It’s a terrible combination. You really, you will have no idea what happens. It’s pretty scary ’cause you will clearly make some bad decisions.

Greg:                    Absolutely.

Matt:                    Real bad decisions.

Greg:                    Absolutely. It’s meant to obviously relieve anxiety. They recommend the .25 to .5 so I’m sure for some people it does just relieve anxiety. Do you ever remember taking that low of a dose just to take your anxiety?

Matt:                    Yeah.

Greg:                    What did it do for you then?

Xanax Is Similar To Drinking Sometimes

Matt:                    I always related to me it was about the same as having a drink. You know what I mean? I really think the effects are related. Again ’cause if I have social situations, if I would have a drink, I’d be like, “All right, I feel a little bit better.” Xanax was kind of the same way except for it was very hard, you would a pill and then an hour later you would forget to correlate the two. With a drink I used to be able to be like, I had a drink. I feel this way because of that drink. Xanax, you might pop a bar or whatever and then you all of a sudden you just don’t give a fuck. It’s a little bit strange.

Greg:                    Obviously different people will react differently to different drugs. Maybe some people react a little different but I think overall that is how it kind of makes you feel. It kind of just makes you not give a shit as much. That’s what it’s for.

Matt:                    A lot of people call them airplane pills. A lot of people, doctors will happily prescribe them for people who are like, “Yeah I don’t like riding on airplanes.” Again, the other thing, people do on airplanes is get those little booze bottles, pour one and knock it back.

Greg:                    Booze is legal. That’s a lot more accepted.

Matt:                    So is Xanax if prescribed.

Greg:                    I know a lot of people who get them illegally and pop on planes.

Matt:                    Absolutely. That goes back to the whole issue of pharmaceuticals in general. I think if your doctor gives you bottle of these pills to take when you’re going on a flight and you’re like, “Well it takes away anxiety there.” Anxiety can hit anywhere. And that’s the issue with a lot of these drugs ’cause then what if you have anxiety when you go to the dentist? You’re going to pop one then. And you’re like, “Well I have a little bit of anxiety when I’m in social situations.” Pop one then.

Greg:                    That’s where it’s getting out of control.

Matt:                    That’s how people get caught up in it.

Greg:                    It’s a fine line. I don’t want to say, there’s definitely people with really bad anxiety that probably need it. So I don’t want to say I’m against but unless my anxiety is horrible, you gotta go through struggles sometimes. So I think if you’re someone that just struggles with anxiety a little bit, you shouldn’t be taking Xanax.

Matt:                    No.

Greg:                    Unless you have a major anxiety disorder, that’s probably where I’d maybe say play with it. But that can be a nasty, nasty drug to be caught on.

Xanax Withdrawal

Matt:                    From what I’ve heard of we’ve never dealt with that as our main drug of choice. From what I hear it’s one of the worst to get off of.

Greg:                    We’ve been through the mental withdrawal of heroin addiction, I’ve talked to people who have been addicted Xanax. They’re basically take the mental side of heroin addiction, the freaking out and just times it by 10. And that’s [inaudible 00:06:33]. And that’s the worst part for me.

Matt:                    That is the worst part.

Greg:                    So I can imagine it being a pure hell coming off that drug. And once you’re taking it every day, that’s going to be tough to get out of.

Matt:                    Well because then everything becomes a little bit of a source of anxiety, you know what I mean? You’re used to talking to people under that kind of.

Greg:                    It’s going to be worse ’cause you’re used to taking that drug to relieve the anxiety that you don’t have it so you’re going to have more anxiety.

Matt:                    Without having anxiety.

Greg:                    That would be horrible cycle to be stuck in.

Matt:                    Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Do you have any experience with taking it by itself? Or were we always smoking?

Greg:                    We took it, I did take it by itself before. Like you said, it is kind of like a drunk feeling. It makes you not give a shit. For me it do a ton of for me by itself maybe that’s just my body but when I drank with it or smoked with it or did heroin with it a few times or pills, it definitely increases that a ton and that’s what a lot of addicts use it for is increasing the sensation of other drugs. Whether it’s weed or heroin or pills or anything. Xanax really increased that sensation.

Xanax Abuse With Heroin

Matt:                    I remember I used to abuse it when we were first trying to get off of heroin. Just because I was looking for something to relieve some sort of mental stress. But again, that’s a good example of a bad replacement. You do not want to do that. You don’t want to catch yourself relying on any chemical substance whatever. But I would say really stay away from Xanax or benzos because again, you make good point, once it affects, your just day to day thinking and that’s the main effect of the drug. That’s hard to get out of.

Greg:                    That’s a nightmare. That is a nightmare. The anxiety with stuff like heroin withdrawal is bad enough, you times that by anything, I’m fucking freaking out. ‘Cause that’s a horrible feeling. If you’ve ever had any anxiety attack or anything, it’s constant anxiety attack. That’s what you can pretty much imagine.

Matt:                    Yeah, that’s a nightmare.

Greg:                    But you know, what Xanax feels like if you’ve never done it, it’s kind of just like you’re kind of drunk, you don’t give a shit. The more you take, the more you’re out of it. You might act irrationally, now I’ve seen Matt act pretty irrational on it. And then you wake up the next day and you don’t even remember what happened.

Matt:                    You don’t.

Greg:                    It’s dangerous.

Matt:                    And that’s a terrible feeling.

Greg:                    It’s dangerous.

Matt:                    Yeah. I don’t see any great benefit. Again unless you really need it for a serious anxiety issue that you’re dealing with. And even then, try to only use it when you really need it. Otherwise there’s a lot of breathing techniques you can use to try to calm your mind down and things like that that might just be a better option that won’t lead you down that path.

Greg:                    And there’s other anxiety medicine that’s not as strong that you would definitely want to try. If you’re having major problems, try a lighter drug first ’cause Xanax, that’s easy to get caught on and it is easy to get caught on that for a long time and be stuck on it. You don’t want that.

Matt:                    Yeah, again, there’s people that have been dealing with that issue for a long time and it’s just readily available. So to my knowledge besides alcohol, there’s not really anything else to substitute for Xanax. I think that’s about it for what Xanax feels like. If you guys have any questions please leave us a comment or hit us up on the contact section at projectunbroken.com. Remember hit that subscribe button and share this video to anyone that you think might benefit from it.

Thanks for watching guys.

Greg:                    Place a comment below too. Let us know what you think. All right, see you guys.

Matt:     See ya.

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