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What Is Opiate Withdrawal Like?

Greg:                     Alright, what’s going on everyone? Greg and Matt here, Project Unbroken. Today, we’re going to be talking about what does opiate withdrawal actually feel like. Now, recently Matt was sick over the weekend. I was kind of texting back and forth with him. He’s like “Damn man, this reminds me of some withdrawal.” It […] Read More

5 Actionable Steps To Reduce Or Prevent Opiate Withdrawal

Matt:                     What’s going on guys? Matt and Greg here with Project Unbroken. In today’s video we want to talk about the five steps you need to take before you start tapering off to reduce the effects of withdrawal. We’ve got a couple things here that I think are really important, but before we get into […] Read More

5 Tips For Motivation In Recovery & Struggle

Matt:                     What’s going on guys? This is Matt and Greg with Project Unbroken. Do us a favor, hit that subscribe button and please share this video with anybody that you think it might help. Today we wanted to talk about five ways to stay motivated. All right? We got 2019 coming up. It’s a big […] Read More

Is Addiction A Disease? 2 Ex Addicts Discuss

Matt:                     What’s going on guys, this is Matt and Greg with Project on Broken. Do us a favor, hit the subscribe button, hit the like button if you like this video, if you like our videos. Greg and I are talking a lot about addiction, our experience with heroin addiction specifically, and just some of […] Read More

3 Ways To Get Off Suboxone Easier & Quicker

Matt:                     What’s going on everybody? This is Matt with Project Unbroken, and today I’m going to tell you the three most important things you can do right now to make this whole recovery process a lot easier for you. So these three things I neglected to use early on in my recovery. I neglected to […] Read More

Relationships And Addiction

Matt:                     What’s going on everybody, this is Matt and Greg with Project Unbroken. Project Unbroken is something Greg and I have been doing for a couple of months now. We’re talking about our experiences with addiction, heroin addiction specifically, and just some of the things we went through in our journey to recovery. Matt:                     So, […] Read More

How To Deal With Brain Fog That Comes With Methadone & Suboxone

Matt:                     What’s up, guys? Matt and Greg, Project Unbroken. Today we want to answer a question and go into a little bit of depth about brain fog when it comes to suboxone and methadone. We got a comment on our YouTube channel. A guy was saying that he’s on .5 milligrams of suboxone, which is […] Read More

What Is Sobriety To You? Can Ex Heroin Addicts Drink Or Smoke Weed?

Greg:                     What’s going on everyone? It is Matt and Greg here, Project Unbroken. As you know, we’re both former drug, heroin addicts and we’re doing this project to help spread the word, so make sure you subscribe below, we got tons of videos coming. Greg:                     Today’s topic is kind of a question we got in […] Read More

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