What Is Smoking Weed Like? Our Experience With Marijuana

Matt:                     What’s up guys? Matt and Greg here, Project Unbroken. Today, we want to talk about what marijuana feels like. It’s the devil. What do you think? What would you, top first three words that come to mind.

Greg:                     It makes me feel dumb as shit.

Matt:                     That’s three words.

Greg:                     It makes me feel dumb as shit.

Matt:                     Dumb as shit works.

Greg:                     I doubled it.

Matt:                     Dumb as shit works.

Greg:                     Yeah, I mean, for me, it just makes me feel dumb. I think it has different effects on different people. There’s people where, like I do Jiu Jiujitsu, right? Jiu Jiujitsu’s pretty much submission fighting, so it’s intense, right? And they’ll come in high as shit and I’m like how the fuck do they do this? How do they come in and try to like. Where people are trying to like where people are trying to break their arms and choke them out high. Because if I did that, I would be curled up in a corner, scared to go on the mats. So, I think for different people it has different effects. For me personally, it makes me feel dumb, I can’t think straight. I can’t think straight. I can’t compile my thoughts. Maybe stuttering my words. And then, visually what it does to me, just to give you an idea is, I’ll be driving. And, I haven’t smoked weed in a long time, but if I would drive on weed, it’s almost like frames. I’ll see in frames where stuff’s like moving in frames. So, that’s the way it does to my vision and into my head, it just kind of, I’m more on the anxious side, and then I feel dumb. I mean that’s what it does to me.

Matt:                     Yeah, I mean, I don’t know. I look at it a little bit different, I think there’s a couple of things involved. There’s, first of all there’s different types of marijuana. There’s indica , there’s sativa, indica, they say in da couch, that’s the shit where you’re just like, but sativa which is kind of what I prefer.

Greg:                     It’s more uppity.

Matt:                     Yeah. You can think a little bit more clearly. A lot of times you almost have more energy. You can work on you creative stuff, but it does, it’s really different for everybody. And you know, I think a lot of what Greg’s referring to is, it’s a shame in states where it’s still illegal, you don’t know what you’re getting.  And I think, a lot of times we were getting the stuff that just kind of zonks you out and making you feel dumb is a pretty good explanation of what that feels like. Because you just can’t comprehend thoughts like you can when you’re sober.

Greg:                     Yeah.

Matt:                     But, I think there are some strands of marijuana that can make you feel more creative and I don’t know, not dumb, I guess. But, to that same point, a lot of people prefer the marijuana, the indica, and maybe they don’t think of it as feeling dumb, but it just kind of is maybe a way to shut the, I don’t know, shut your brain off for a little bit, and just like not think and watch a movie.

Greg:                     Yeah, I mean even with the different strands, I still feel dumb overall. Even if it’s an uppity strand, I still feel that dumbness, it’s just. I think it’s like milk right? If you’re lactose intolerant, it’s going to make you feel like shit, right? I think different people respond differently. How does it make you feel overall? You’re not considering strands and all, just overall, how do you feel when you smoked weed?

Matt:                     I feel like I’m not running on all cylinders. So, and let me say this like I’m a fan of marijuana, I think it’s great, but right now I just have a lot of shit in my life going on. I don’t smoke because I feel like it slows me down a little bit.

Greg:                     Right.

Matt:                     And I hate to admit that because I, but it is what it is, I like to be really sharp right now. I got a couple of businesses. I just got married. My daughter’s four years old. I really want to be able to give every area of my life 100 percent, and if I’m stoned I can’t do that. As much as I enjoy the feeling, even for something that’s making me feel more creative or whatever, I just can’t afford to have any extended period of time, meaning over an hour not capable of running at 100 percent.

Greg:                     That’s funny I remember when you stopped smoking a while ago and before, you know I was talking to you like, “Yeah, I pretty much smoke everyday”, I’m like, “You do”. You’re like, “It doesn’t really affect me”.

Matt:                     A little bit yeah.

Greg:                     And then you came off, you’re like, “I didn’t realize how much it was kind of slowing me down”.

Matt:                     It does man, it took away, and I was looking at it like a lot of people have a glass of wine before bed, and I don’t love what alcohol does to my body, and I just had a little kind of vaporizer thing. And I was like, I’ll just take like one pull, and then I just kind of relax and chill, but I don’t like reading when I’m stoned. So, I was losing that window of time where I could be learning. I love to read, but I can’t when I’m high. So, I just realized, I’m like damn, you can be reading or you can be more present with your daughter or your wife. Or, you can be working on the website for this business or it’s just like shit you can’t do when you’re stoned, and it just takes that time away of being productive, which I like being productive.

Greg:                     So, I mean I think it really depends on the person. Like how your body reacts with it and also where you are in your life.

Matt:                     Yeah.

Greg:                     There’s a time in your life, where I think marijuana is good for you.

Matt:                     Yeah.

Greg:                     Thank you kind of switch gears and it wasn’t good for you anymore.

Matt:                     Yeah, and I mean Greg and I when we were, before we really got into our heroine addiction, we smoked a ton of weed and it sucked. It was not fun at all.

Greg:                     We smoked blunts all day long.

Matt:                     I mean just, and we were dumb, we were, we smoked ourselves dumb.

Greg:                     Yeah. We sure did.

Matt:                     So, it depends on what you have going on in your life. Honest to God, if someday I retire, which I don’t see myself doing, I love what I do, but if I retire and just didn’t have any worries or concerns. I wouldn’t mind getting high, but in the meantime it’s just not benefiting me enough to keep it up.

Greg:                     Yeah, I mean, I guess another thing that I felt often, is like a body high. If you’re kind of watching a movie and you have the right strand I guess, and you’re relaxed you can really start feeling a body high from it. I mean, did you get much body high when you smoked?

Matt:                     I guess it would depend. I mean.

Greg:                     We’re used to doing heroine. So, we’re used to that real body high so we’re comparing, but methane does give you a smaller body high.

Matt:                     Yeah, and it can be beneficial. I mean I would definitely recommend smoking weed instead of taking like Percocet for you know…

Greg:                     Even having a drink for a lot of people.

Matt:                     Oh yeah, absolutely, but I mean as far as like the body high thing is.

Greg:                     Right.

Matt:                     Or a lot of people use marijuana for pain management. I don’t think it’s necessarily as effective as some pain pills that are out there.

Greg:                     For treating the pain.

Matt:                     For treating the pain, but I…

Greg:                     It’s a whole lot safer.

Matt:                     It’s a whole lot safer, and you can probably avoid a lot of the pitfalls that people run into from getting a prescription of pain medication that can lead to problems down the road.

Greg:                     Also, you got anything else on how it feels, how you remember.

Matt:                     No, I don’t remember.

Greg:                     I’m just trying to put myself in the head of someone who’s never smoked.

Matt:                     Just real fuzzy, like it’s like there’s a, I used to, we would be stoned and I would feel like it was like a haze. Like I just, you can’t even see, it’s just like it’s almost like you can’t see very clearly.

Greg:                     A big thing for me is like the framey vision, like everything kind of moves in frames when I’m high which kind of freaks me out. I’m like, “Fuck”, like I want to see straight, I don’t want to see like that. So, sometimes it gives me anxiety just because of that, my vision gets too blurred. That kind of came from tripping maybe when we used to take mushrooms, and I stopped. I had some bad trips and I stopped liking that. And then, weed’s almost like a lighter version of that, and it kind of reminded me I think, I just, that’s why I haven’t smoked, I just, it kind of freaks me out.

Matt:                     I think it depends on personality. It depends on what you have going on in your life. It can be very enjoyable, but if you don’t have all your ducks in a row and your shit together, it can kind of, it can mess you up. So, it’s, I don’t think it’s a harmful drug in comparison to a lot of other ones.

Greg:                     It definitely makes you think more. Like I definitely, if I’m high, I’m thinking about everything. You know, I’ll be thinking too much about some things. So, I think that’s definitely one thing it did for me is it turns my mind on to a different level.

Matt:                     Yeah.

Greg:                     And a different place.

Matt:                     Which can have benefits.

Greg:                     Right.

Matt:                     I mean I learned a lot about meditation and mindfulness through it, and I read about that stuff a lot, but marijuana kind of puts you in a different frame of mind. So, you do start thinking about some crazy shit and you have to manage that.

Greg:                     What’s crazy is it makes you more creative, but dumb at the same time. Because I remember, I would like think things, I’m like, “That’s an awesome idea”, and then like five seconds, later I’m like, “Hold on what the fuck was I just thinking, what was my idea fuck I lost it”, and it’s gone. You know? So, I mean it’s crazy because you’re creative, but at least for me, you’re creative but then you’re kind of dumbed down. So, it’s a weird…

Matt:                     Yeah, it’s that balance.

Greg:                     Yup.

Matt:                     So, again there’s a lot of different factors for how it’s going to make you feel, but I don’t know, overall a little fuzzy, a little dumb.

Greg:                     Any difference. So, we talked about difference of how you smoke it I guess. If you’re smoking a joint, compared, a couple of hits, compared to a big ass bong, where you’re getting ripped, that can be a completely different high as well.

Matt:                     Well again, what I’ve most recently smoked regularly with was like a little vaporizer pad and it didn’t give me that overwhelming hazy, it was more of just a little high. Because you take one big bong rip and you’re coughing your brains out. You might be on Jupiter.

Greg:                     What was that bong we had? Was it a four foot bong we used to have?

Matt:                     Yeah, it was big.

Greg:                     We used to try to clear the whole thing and we’d be coughing for five minutes, because we would get so much smoke, and that’s where you get to the super high levels. Where your just extremely [crosstalk 00:10:04]

Matt:                     Where you’re like, “I shouldn’t have done that”.

Greg:                     Yeah.

Matt:                     And it’s one of those things, we used to get so high where every single day, I’d be like fuck I hate this. I don’t want to be this high right now and it only took us to about four years to figure that out.

Greg:                     Yup, so that’s how, that’s what marijuana feels like. If you have any more specific questions, we try to give as good descriptions as we could for those people who are just wondering, who haven’t smoked and don’t want to, we were just trying to give a description for you guys. So, that’s it. If you have any more questions, let us know and we’ll cover it. See y’all soon.

Matt:                     See you guys.


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