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How I Got Through Heroin Addiction And Alcohol Abuse

Matt:                     What’s up everybody, it’s Matt here with Project Unbroken and I’m going live here for a little bit, just changing up the pace. And I wanted to just reach out to you guys. It’s Wednesday, it’s the middle of the week, and I just wanted to give you guys a little bit of hump […] Read More

Heroin Addiction – How Shame Fuels Addiction

Matt:                     What’s going on everybody? This is Matt from Project Unbroken. Many of you who are going to be watching this video do not know me as Matt from Project Unbroken, but maybe Matt from Crossfit Wheelhouse, or Matt who posts all that annoying health shit on his Facebook feed. Matt:                     But today I wanted […] Read More

Heroin Addiction Help – Self Care

Matt:                     And we’re live. What’s up guys? It is Matt here with Project Unbroken. Today I wanted to go over a couple of tips that I had for heroin withdrawal, heroin recovery. Maybe getting into a maintenance program. Getting out of a maintenance program, and things you can do to make that a little bit […] Read More

How Bad Days Can Fuel Addiction

Greg:                     All right, what’s going on, guys? It’s Greg here. Today we’re going to be talking about bad days. I got a drink here and a couple drinks, if you see me drinking. I’m in a rush today, but I woke up in a bad mood today. It reminded me of back in my days […] Read More

Is Suboxone A Cure Or A Curse?

Matt:                     What’s going on guys? This is Matt and Greg with Project Unbroken. We are trying to raise awareness about addiction and we talk about some of the things that Greg and I have experienced through our heroin addiction, and things that have helped us kind of come out on the other side more successful […] Read More

What Are Magic Mushrooms Like? Shrooms – Our Experience & Stories

Greg:                     What’s going on everyone. It is Matt and Greg here. Project Unbroken. And we’ve come out for a lot of videos for addiction related stuff. Health related stuff. Taking people through our heroin addiction. Other types of drug addiction. Alcohol abuse. All the way to where we are now. Which is more successful part […] Read More

How We Quit Smoking Cigarettes – Experience, Advice & Stories

Greg:                     Alright, what’s going on everyone? It is Greg and Matt here from Project Unbroken. As you all know, we’re former drug and heroin addicts, and Project Unbroken is all about bringing people through our addiction, showing them how we got through it, and kind of leading people to a healthier lifestyle. Make sure you […] Read More

Why Is Heroin So Addictive From 2 Ex Heroin Addicts

Matt:                     What’s going on everybody. Matt and Greg here and today we wanted to answer the question, why is heroin so addictive? Matt:                     There’s a lot of reasons. First and foremost, just at a scientific level, heroin’s flooding your dopamine receptors. Dopamine’s that real feel good hormone that just makes us feel like all is […] Read More

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