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Greg’s Methadone Maintenance & Methadone Detox Story

Matt:                    What’s up everybody? This is Matt and Greg here with Project Unbroken and we did a talk about my experience with suboxone not long ago. And we had some people asking about methadone and if that might be the right path for them. I know there’s a lot of information out there but not […] Read More

Overdose Is The Leading Cause Of Death For People Under 50 In The United States

Greg:                    All right. What is going on everyone? It is Matt and Greg here from Project Unbroken. Please make sure you subscribe and share this video so we can help get the word out about the addiction epidemic that’s going on right now, especially with opioids. So today we’re going to be talking about monitoring […] Read More

Matt’s Path To Successfully Detoxing Off Of Suboxone

Greg:                    What is going on, everyone? It is Greg and Matt here from Project Unbroken. Today we’ve got a question in. It was more directed towards Matt. And it was, “How hard was it to get off suboxone?” Suboxone is one of the more commonly used drugs to get off of heroin and opiates, probably […] Read More

Does A Potential Overdose Scare Addicts?

Matt:                    What’s up, everybody? This is Matt and Greg from Project Unbroken, and today we wanted to talk a little bit about overdosing. We’ve got some questions, kind of along the lines of didn’t overdosing every kind of scare you away from using heroin, and, personally, it’s not really. Greg:                    No. Matt:                    I mean, not […] Read More

Pain Killers Vs Heroin

Matt:                    Hey guys, this is Matt and Greg with Project Unbroken. Today we wanted to talk a little bit about the differences between pills and heroin, or at least the differences with our experience with the two of them. I think we can go off on a pretty good tangent on this. Greg:                    Yeah. Matt:                    […] Read More

What Does A Heroin Addict Look And Act Like?

Matt:                    What’s up guys, this is Matt. Greg:                    What’s going on everyone, it’s Greg here. Matt:                    With Project Unbroken. And today we wanted to talk a little bit about what a heroin addict looks like. Greg:                    Good topic. Matt:                    Yeah, yeah. Well I know that, especially before we found ourselves in the field of heroin […] Read More

How We Would Get Our Child Out Of Addiction

Matt:                    What’s up, guys. This is Matt and Greg with Project Unbroken. Today, we are talking about a nightmare scenario. What would you do if you found out that your kid was abusing opiates? Greg:                    I could … Matt:                    Freak out? Greg:                    … freak out. Yeah. Hypothetical question. I have a five-year-old. You have a […] Read More

Suboxone Vs Methadone For Treating Opiate & Heroin Addiction

Methadone Vs Suboxone Matt:                    Hey guys, this is Matt from Project Unbroken. I’m here with Greg. Greg:                    Hey guys. Matt:                    We wanted to talk a little about different maintenance programs when it comes to recovery. Greg and I have completely different experiences with transitioning from heroin to I did suboxone and Greg did the methadone […] Read More

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