10 Nutrients That Will Help Fight Depression

Greg:                     All right, what’s up, everyone? Greg and Matt here, Project Unbroken. Today, we’re covering 10 nutrients that can help with depression. Now, Matt and I have a lot of experience with depression, we’ve gone through drug addition, we’ve had the lows, and we brought ourselves out of it, so we have that experience. All right, these are things that are proven, things we’ve done ourselves that have gotten us through depression, and we feel great today.

10 Nutrients And Food To Help Fight Depression…

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#1: Folic Acid

Greg:                     So, 10 nutrients that can help with depression. Number one is folic acid. All right, these are things like leafy greens, you’ve got citrus fruits, you’ve got beans, you’ve got rice.

Greg:                     Number two.

#2: Potassium

Matt:                     Potassium. Guys, we’re talking about bananas, avocados, sweet potatoes, spinach. Potassium’s going to be a really important one. This is one of those electrolytes we talked about in some of our other videos. Bananas are probably the easiest source you can get them in. Really going to be helpful.

#3: Trypophan

Greg:                     Yeah. Number three is tryptophan. You’ve got things like eggs, turkey, cheese, and oats.

Matt:                     Guys, tryptophan is a big one. Tryptophan really helps with the production of serotonin. That’s that feel good chemical produced in the gut, really allows you the ability to even feel happy. So, tryptophan is a big one. Again, you’ll find it in some really simple foods, and it’s going to make a big difference.

#4: Antioxidants

Matt:                     Next, antioxidants. Guys, we’re looking at like red, blue berries. So, blueberries, strawberries, dark chocolate’s another really good source for antioxidants. Antioxidants, I want you guys to think about like you cut an apple open and you let it sit, it oxidizes, it turns brown. Antioxidants are things that help knock that stuff off of living organisms like yourself, your organs. Really helps with a lot of just the way your organs work and the way you feel.

#5: Protein

Greg:                     Yeah, so number five is protein. You want to get a lot of your protein from lean meats, things like chicken, fish is a big one. You can also get it from things like eggs and lentils.

#6: Magnesium

Matt:                     Magnesium, again, another electrolyte. This is going to be again really big for the production of serotonin, but magnesium’s also going to help you sleep, which is huge for just mental health and the way our brain works and dealing with things like depression or anxiety.

Matt:                     Magnesium, nuts, leafy greens like spinach or kale maybe, whole grains, any of those will be a good source.

#7: Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Greg:                     Yeah, cool. So, number seven is omega-3 fatty acids. You’ve got things like salmon, walnuts, and also brussel sprouts.

#8: Serotonin

Matt:                     Serotonin, guys, a lot of this foods I mentioned earlier on or Greg mentioned earlier on in this list, it’s going to really just help with gut bacteria, making sure you have a good environment for serotonin to be produced and stored.

Matt:                     So, again, we’re looking at things like eggs, salmon, turkey, almonds are another good source, just going to be really helpful to make you feel better up here.

#9: Zinc

Greg:                     Yeah. Number nine is zinc. You’ve got things like dark chocolate, legumes, and then shellfish, which I hate. I hate fish. So, I’m not going to eat the shellfish, but dark chocolate I like, and also legumes are pretty good too.

#10: Vitamin D

Matt:                     Yeah. And then we’re going to wrap it up with vitamin D. So, this is a big one, not a lot of foods have it, but when you’re looking at eggs, milk, salmon, they’re all going to be great sources. And an added benefit for vitamin D is just good old sunshine-

Greg:                     Yeah.

Matt:                     That’s the best way to get it in my opinion.

Greg:                     I remember my mom always told me, “Make sure you go out and go out into the sun.”

Matt:                     That’s what it is.

Greg:                     It used to be like I work a lot from the computer, and I notice like on days like where I stay in like three days in a row, especially like summertime, I’m like oh my god, I don’t feel right.

Get Rid Of Seasonal Depression!

Matt:                     Seasonal depression same kind of thing.

Greg:                     Yeah, yep.

Matt:                     So, make sure you’re getting out in the sun. But, guys, make sure, rewind this, go through this list, pick a couple foods that might be appealing to you and go to the store, grab or start adding them into your diet on a regular basis, and just, you’ll feel over the next couple days, a major, major difference in the way that your mind’s working, the way that you’re sleeping, you’re going to go to bed tired, you’re going to wake up with more energy. You’re just going to feel better all around.

The Food & Nutrients You Eat Make A CRAZY Difference On Depression!

Greg:                     Yeah, it’s crazy, most people don’t realize how bad they’re eating. Just take like some of the things we listed here that are mentioned multiple times, a lot of these foods hit many of these nutrients, you know, things like salmon are great for you, things like almonds, things like eggs, anything like that, leafy green vegetables. All this type of stuff has most of this stuff in it, mix that little bit of fruits, which had the antioxidants, things like blueberries. Mixing in some of those major foods will take care of a lot of these for people, all in one kind, one shot.

Get A Majority Of These Nutrients From A Few Foods!

Matt:                     Yeah, absolutely. You don’t have to have everything on the list, just pick a couple, check those boxes off, and you guys will be in good shape.

Greg:                     Cool. So, guys, make sure you implement these things, make sure you report back, let us know how you’re doing. We want you to take … We want accountability, okay, so we want you to actually do these things. Don’t just watch the video and say, “Oh, yeah, that’s cool. I could do that.” Watch the video, write it down, implement the change, report back to us, and let us know how you feel in three days. We can almost guarantee you’re going to feel a whole lot better.

Matt:                     This stuff works, guys, and you can be the next one to be writing in the way that you feel and why this stuff has worked for you. It’s all about positivity and spreading that positivity.

Greg:                     Absolutely.

Matt:                     We want you guys to be a part of it.

Greg:                     Like, comment, subscribe. See you all in the next video.

Matt:                     See you, guys.


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